Earthquake death toll in Turkey and Syria surpass 35,000

Numerous survivors of the earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria a week ago are considering their next steps. While many people have been evacuated from the devastated area, others are staying nearby the demolished homes and waiting for their loved ones while the hunt for them continues.

174 hours after the initial earthquake, rescuers discovered a woman still alive, but as the amount of time since the earthquake approaches the time during which the human body can no longer function without water, particularly in frigid conditions, stories of rescues were becoming less frequent.

On February 6, quakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 occurred in northern Syria and southern Turkey nine hours apart. They destroyed a large portion of towns and cities that were home to millions of people, reducing them to concrete and twisted metal, killing around 35,000 people, with the death toll anticipated to grow significantly as search teams uncover additional victims.

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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria have devastated parts of the countries in a way of horror movies! Footages coming from Turkey and Syria show enormous apocalyptic craters and canyons created by the earthquake.

In the severely damaged city of Antakya, rescuers from Istanbul plucked Naide Umay from a fallen building on Monday. A 40-year-old woman was previously saved from the rubble of a five-story building in the town of Islahiye, in the province of Gaziantep, while a 60-year-old was rescued in Besni, in the province of Adiyaman.

Many individuals were still living in the streets without shelter a week after the earthquakes. Some survivors were still waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be recovered in front of destroyed buildings.

Many volunteers from all across Turkey have come together to aid the millions of survivors, including a group of volunteer chefs and restaurant owners who served survivors in downtown Adiyaman traditional meals like beans and rice and lentil soup.

The rescue operations were continued by other volunteers. However, Eduardo Reinoso Angulo, a professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Institute of Engineering, claimed that the chances of discovering survivors were “very, very minimal presently.”

The prospects of survival for persons stuck in wreckage start to decline sharply after five days and are almost nonexistent after nine days, according to Reinoso, the study’s lead author, although there have been exceptions.

Miracles happen, even after 7 days, rescue teams find people alive under the rubbles.

How to help Turkey and Syria from Canada

Some estimations provided by specialists show devastation in Turkey could surpass $84 billion and that is only estimation for the cost of infrastructure. Human losses of property, jobs, personal belongings are not in the estimation. Therefor people of Turkey and Syria in effected regions by the earthquake lost everything if they were lucky to survive.

Humanitarian crisis in Turkey and Syria is beyond everyones imagination in Canada. People live outside in -12 degrees Celsius, warming up beside fire pits and can eat and drink only what is provided to them by volunteers and humanitarian aid organizations.

Help is very much needed:

Republic of Turkiye Consulate General in Toronto has provided two humanitarian organizations where Canadian can donate.

  1. Red Cross of Canada
  2. UNHCR Canada

Other donation sites for donation for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria:

Red crescent Turkey

Red Cross/red crescent Syria

Donation to Turkey
Donation to Syria

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