Top 10 Canadian Influencers of 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, one phenomenon has transformed the way we perceive and engage with the world: the rise of influencers. These modern-day tastemakers, content creators, and trendsetters have become an integral part of Canadian society, shaping our culture, preferences, and even the way we conduct business. Every content and every post on social media is form of influencing, yet we have picked 10 most influencing people on social media who are not a public figure but rather ordinary Canadian citizens.


Top 10 Canadian influencers for 2023

Lysander Nadeau is not only Instagram influencer but rather multi social media guru with multiple businesses going on. A very successful Canadian woman with time for business and family.


Sarah Cheung is very successful young lady and owner of Sacheu Beauty cosmetic brand. An impressive success for this young Canadian.


Audrey Anne Jean is a beautiful young lady from PEI who has staggering 1Mio. followers on Instagram, a mother and successful business woman who promotes beautiful hair creations and products on her platforms.


Emma Rose is another beauty from Canada who loves fashion and olives. She created a successful business in selling prime olives to clients all around the world.


Bret Mossing

Bret Mossing is Canadian Pro Bodybuilder who worked hard for his influencing capabilities. His hard work is followed by many Canadians across multiple social media platforms.


Leigh Dickson, a unique young Canadian lady who is not only influencer in heart but also Photographer, Makeup Artist and Model. Her artistic creations and love for fashion, beauty and cosmetics is impressive indeed.


Toni Olaoye

Toni Olaoye, another Canadian beauty who is digital creator, influencer who loves beautiful things world has to offer. She loves cosmetics, fashion, great food and most beautiful places in the world.


Brooke Willson

Brooke Wilson‘s love for Nature is truly inspirational. Her love for hiking and most beautiful places in the world boosted her adventures into business world where she offers Skin Care and healthy nutrition while having time for two more blogs.


Andreane Chamberland is not only beautiful and great influencer but she creates breathtakingly beautiful images of her and places she visits. As a model, her posts are professional done and a true pleasure for viewers to enjoy. One more special thing about Andreane is, all of her images are done by Andreane her self.


Emily Durham

Emily Durham is a recruiter, influencer and career coach. Her podcasts and shorts on Instagram are inspiration for many women and man alike. Her tips on hiring process and how to advance in careers has helped thousands of Canadians.

There are many many more great Canadian influencers but someone has to take the top podium as Top 10 Canadian influencers of 2023. We have chosen these great ten individuals based on their creativity, follower counts and their originality. If you have a suggestion on who should make the top 10 influencer list for 2024 please don’t be shy to contact us.

Top influencers in Canada

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In a country as diverse and forward-thinking as Canada, the rise of influencers is not just a trend; it’s a reflection of our modern society’s dynamism and adaptability. These digital trailblazers transcend geographical constraints, celebrate diversity, boost the economy, inspire change, and serve as storytellers for our era. They have harnessed the power of technology to bridge gaps, connect communities, and shape the future. As influencers continue to evolve and redefine the modern Canadian narrative, they prove that the power of influence is a force to be reckoned with in our rapidly changing world.

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