The World Just Got More Dangerous – Israel Declares War on Hamas

At a National Security Council emergency meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned that Israel is in a state of war and outlined three objectives for the Israeli military in its conflict with Hamas.

“Our first goal is to clear the enemy forces that have infiltrated our territory and restore security to the communities that have been attacked. The second goal is to simultaneously make the enemy pay a huge price inside the Gaza Strip. The third goal is to strengthen other parts so that no one accidentally gets involved in this war,” Netanyahu said.

Israel map

Hamas launched an unexpected attack from the Gaza Strip on Israeli territory early on Saturday morning. The attack included drops from paragliders, intrusions across the land border and the sea, and the firing of tens of thousands of rockets.
BBC security analyst Frank Gardner called the attack a colossal intelligence disaster for Israel.

He claimed that Israel has one of the most extensive and sophisticated intelligence networks in the Middle East, both domestic and foreign, and informants embedded within militant groups not only in the Palestinian territories, but also in Lebanon, Syria, and elsewhere, but that he was caught sleeping today, despite the fact that it was a Jewish holiday.

According to both sides, Hamas members have occupied at least one Israeli army base in territory internationally recognized as Israel’s territory. This is the first occasion since 1948 that Palestinians have occupied Israeli territory within the “green line,” or internationally recognized boundary.

Also, according to the footage, at least one modern Israeli Merakva IV tank was destroyed in the fighting, and one was at least temporarily captured.

Israeli Response and Retaliation on its Way

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released footage of attacks on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli Air Force planes dropped more than 16 tons of ammunition on the Gaza Strip, according to Times of Israel military sources.

Several battalions of the regular army are deployed on the border with Gaza, the army focuses most of its efforts on fighting Hamas militants still in Israeli territory.
Magen David Adom emergency services say at least 22 people have been killed since the massive Hamas attack began, according to Israeli media reports.

The EU’s high representative for foreign policy, Josep Borrell, said that it was difficult to follow the news coming from Israel.

“We unequivocally condemn the attacks by Hamas. This terrible violence must stop immediately. Terrorism and violence do not solve anything. The EU expresses its solidarity with Israel in these difficult times,” he said.

This recent attack on Israel and Israeli response does not make our World any safer. Beside war in Ukraine, recent territory exchange in Nagorno Karabakh, American F-16 shooting down Turkey drone in Syria and this latest war could inflame even more territory and other Nations.

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