Warzone Better than Toronto: Refugees Return to Their Countries

Hard to believe that refugees would prefer to live in war torn country rather than to live in Canadian big city like Toronto. Apparently, this is reality for many Ukrainian refugees who decided to go back to war zones instead of living in expansive city like Toronto.

It’s understandable why so many individuals have made the decision to emigrate from Ontario in search of pastures that are greener—that is, less expensive—given the exorbitant cost of rent, real estate, food, and every other facet of life in and around Toronto. But for refugees choosing to go back to war zone instead of staying in Toronto, that is new and shocking story.

City of Toronto
Toronto Canada

Since the start of the Ukrainian war with Russia in 2022, more than 160,000 refugees from that country have come to Canadian; however, despite the ongoing invasion, many of them are preferring to return to their country of origin because they find places like Toronto to be unaffordable. Ukrainians who spoke with the CBC this week claimed that they were astounded by the high cost of living when they first arrived here and that they now intend to “trade safety for comfort” and return home.

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In addition to being grateful for Canada’s assistance, many also express how much they miss their friends, family, and life in general back in Ukraine.

According to a poll by Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Toronto, these factors, along with the financial challenges, have led roughly 5% of Ukrainian refugees in the GTA to consider going back home during the conflict.

A further 39% are unsure of their next move in light of the ongoing bombings of residential buildings in their nation as well as the ongoing inflation and cost of living crisis. Thousands of people who had visas for Canada also choose not to travel at all.

But not only Ukrainian refugees want to leave Canada, refugees from other war torn regions think about leaving for better options.

It appears PR is not friendly to Canada any longer. Canada is one of the greatest Countries in the world but perhaps one of the most mismanaged one. In recent years the gap between haves and have nots widened dramatically in recent years making this beautiful country a tough place to make ends meet for anyone who does not earn $150K or more per year.

Sad reality and a though one. We have all witnessed friends and family members leaving Ontario for more affordable provinces or leaving Canada for USA, Mexico or Europe, we all see changes in Canada for good or worse, yet to hear refugees leaving Canada because they can’t survive here and rather would face rockets, grenades and bullets raining down on them, this is outrageous reality we all must think about.

How can it be that Canada has reached such point where refugees and Canadians alike can’t afford to live here? Is government aware of this, is there a plan to improve this mind blowing blunder?

Even if government is aware of this grim situation, there is nothing or too little in place to be effective for better living conditions.

One can complain or keep quiet, yet change will not come just by it selves. As we see, many give up and say fair well Canada.

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