Pressure Washing, important home maintenance routine

Although many GTA homeowners and businesses prefer to have their property pressure washed as part of spring cleaning schedule, pressure washing services can be booked any time of the year. Adverse weather conditions or infrequent cleaning can leave outdoor areas in a complete mess which, in turn, decreases the appeal of your property. The cleanup of these outdoor spaces and surfaces such as patios, sidewalks, backyards, driveways and exterior walls is best left to a team of experienced professionals in order to achieve a safe and satisfactory end result.

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Professional pressure washing service provider offer clients an all-in-one pressure washing in Toronto to ensure that all your home and business outdoor cleaning requirements are taken care of. Whether you’re looking to revitalize the appearance of your house, or de-grime the business property for a fresh and inviting finish, pressure washing from skilled team guarantees to meet your expectations!

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Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean outdoor surfaces. From weed infested driveways, dirty decks, grimy sidewalks, undesirable stained fences, oily dumpsters or building walls, we clean it all. Our friendly technicians provide pressure washing in Toronto and for clients in Newmarket, Aurora, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and the rest of the GTA. 

Pressure washing services Aurora

Why is Pressure Washing Important?

A large number of homeowners neglect to wash their homes regularly, which brings forth contamination, dirt, and mildew which can cause damages to the property. This is why you need pressure washing services in order to give you the lowest cost for your home improvement project with the highest return on your investment. 

Pressure washing outdoor surfaces is recommended two times annually.

Can I do the pressure washing on my own?

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While some pressure washing jobs could be viewed as a DIY project, there are many things that could go wrong.

Pressure could be set too high for the surface or holding the nozzle too close to it could mean ruining of expansive decks, concrete pathways or slab stones.  Most pressure washing equipment you can rent or buy at a hardware store have similar or even same pressure applied as commercial-grade tools, but the difference is in GPM or Gallons per minute. It is the amount of water that cleans surfaces and not necessary high pressure, low water output means it takes longer to clean. This means you get much better outcome with professional equipment and greater expertise by hiring trained technicians do it for you.

Will a high pressure wash damage my building?

Not with the professional technicians, the will know how to properly use the equipment that has the capability of producing extremely high pressure output. We examine the type of surface, its condition, and our team can set the right setting for each job individually.

How expansive is one pressure washing visit?

Most of clients are surprised how affordable professional pressure washing services in Toronto actually is. Prices start at only $250 for single or double garage driveway.

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