How to remove graffiti from brick and concrete walls

Every graffiti if sprayed without the authorization of the owner or state is act of vandalism and is subjected to criminal law. To find graffiti on your own property is very frustrating and it could be a costly endeavour to remove it. Many people choose not to act on graffiti vandalism, as they do not have the necessary skills, equipment or knowledge to do so. However, many studies show that if graffiti is not removed within short period of time, more graffiti will appear, it is an open invitation to many other vandals to do the same.

Theory of broken windows

Many are surprised to learn that when graffiti removal is conducted quickly, generally within 48 hours, graffiti vandals are less likely to return as they receive less exposure and validation for their work.

Doing nothing about graffiti will actually encourage further graffiti vandalism, which can affect you in many ways:

  • Creates a negative first impression for customers
  • Harmful to property value
  • More time and money to repair
  • Can lead to an increase in other anti-social behaviour throughout the area, such as shoplifting, gang-related activity and destruction of property

This anti vandalism study is called Broken Window Theory

Neighbourhood vandalized by graffiti

Business and homeowners are sometimes stuck with negative aspects of graffiti for days or even months as cleaning and removing paint from walls and pavement is very hard to do. Special chemical designed to loosen up oil and acrylic based paint is needed in order to start the process, power washing is the second step to success.

Graffiti removal is a delicate process! When graffiti is sprayed onto your masonry walls like brick, concrete, sandstone and granite it penetrates and soaks deep into the surface, like ink into chalk. These surfaces can be damaged easily through incorrect chemical selection, harsh scrubbing, and high-pressure cleaning techniques.

This causes the surface the disintegrate, which can lead to issues with salt deposits, rising damp, premature brick crumbling, and in the worst circumstances, structural failure.

The only way to fix the wall at this point is to knock out the bricks and replace them! Therefore, graffiti removal is best conducted by identifying the right cleaning formulation to match the surface and the type of paint used to implement the graffiti. Special chemical designed to loosen up oil and acrylic based paint is needed in order to start the process, power washing is the second step to success.

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Remove graffiti from walls
Graffiti removal service in Newmarket

This process should be left to the trained professionals. Professional graffiti removal provider will efficiently remove the graffiti from your business or residence building without damaging the surface. Graffiti will be gone and your building will be free of vandalism.

Como Maintenance Services in Toronto based property and building maintenance company, providing services to commercial and residential clients across the GTA. Como Maintenance Crew will efficiently remove graffiti and other contaminants from your property by using bio degradable detergents and pressure washing techniques.

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