26 Years in Prison. Now the Authorities say he might be innocent

Tim Rees, who was sentenced to 26 years in prison for killing a 10-year-old girl, will have his sentence reviewed by the Ontario Court of Appeal after Canada’s Attorney General Arif Virani demanded a new appeal because there is “reasonable basis to conclude that a miscarriage of justice likely occurred.”

Crime scene

Horrific crime

Darla Thurott, 10, was discovered murdered in her bed by her mother in March 1989.

Rees, who was 25 at the time, was a friend of the Thurott family and a welder from Scarborough. He had visited and stayed the night at their house the day before Darla Thurott was discovered dead.

Rees was given a life sentence without the possibility of release for at least 15 years on September 15, 1990, for killing the girl.

Rees first denied murdering the youngster. He said that for a number of years, he had been dependent on crack, cocaine, and alcohol.

The judge said that drug traffickers were harassing the neighbourhood. This city is plagued by the crack epidemic, Then wrote. “(They) prey upon the vulnerable to feed their habit” and engage in “cowardly acts.”

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Prison sentence

26 Years in Prison

Rees has been free since his parole release in 2016 after serving 26 years in prison. He’s 60 years old now.

Innocence Canada, a non-profit group that represents people who have been unfairly convicted, took up his case the year he was released. Two years later, it submitted an application to the former minister of justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould, asserting that he had been wrongfully convicted.

If he did not commit the murder of young girl, then who did? Is the killer on the loose since the horrific offence? It appears, justice is not just paperwork and decision by the court.

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