Most Influential and Inspiring Canadians

Top 10 Most Influential and Inspiring Canadians

Although Canada has a small population, it has the world’s most inspirational, influential, and talented people in different fields, including history, medicine, technology, entertainment, sports, politics, humanitarians, etc. Today’s article will give you a list of the top ten most influential and inspiring Canadians. Read on!

Canadian People
Top influential Canadians

1.    Gord Downie

Gord Downie is an inspiration for thousands of Canadians due to his strong commitment and dedication to his field of work despite battling terminal brain cancer in the last years of his life. Downie made significant efforts to make Canada a better place for all communities, including the indigenous people.

Besides, Downie became a prominent voice for spreading awareness among the indigenous community and promoting its rights. The incredible plight in native Canadians today is due to Downie’s result-driven speeches and concerts, making him one of Canada’s most inspirational and influential individuals. Downie’s legacy will always remain in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in Canada.

2.    David Suzuki

David Suzuki is an influential Canadian, human rights and environmental activist, and scientist. Suzuki has put life in campaigning for environmental awareness and making Canada a healthier, greener, and sustainable place to live.

In addition, Suzuki is the host of “The Nature of Things,” one of the most popular television shows in North America. Suzuki also writes columns on global warming, climate change, ecosystems, economic inequality, and sustainability.

Suzuki believes a healthy environment is essential for human survival on earth, and to make this happen, governments across the world must develop sophisticated strategies. Moreover, David Suzuki encourages young people to play their role in mitigating the harmful effects of global warming and climate change through his T.V. show and weekly columns published in different newspapers across Canada.

3.    Terry Fox

Terry Fox is one of the most inspirational and famous Canadians due to his strong commitment, devotion, spirit, and dedication toward raising awareness of bone cancer. Although Terry Fox suffered from bone cancer and died in 1981, thousands of people remember the start athlete for his courageous and heroic journey for raising bone cancer awareness and money for research.

Today, thousands of Canadians participate in over 28 counties to raise money for bone cancer research. Fox left marks on the heart of people with his incredible dedication to health research in Canada.

4.    Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky, also known as the “Great One,” is a former ice-hockey player loved by hundreds of thousands of Canadians for his unique talent. Canadians consider Wayne the greatest ice-hockey player in the world, thanks to his incredible career, including 61 NHL, 40 season, 15 playoff, and 6 All-Star records.

That’s the reason Gretzky is an inspiration for many young individuals who want to become successful ice-hockey players. Gretzky has inspired an entire generation of people to play ice hockey like him and ace their performance on the field.

5.    Viola Desmond

Viola Desmond is a role model for thousands of women in Canada, thanks to her assertiveness, positivity, and leadership style. Desmond made substantial efforts to introduce new and effective ways to train her graduates to operate a successful business and become lucrative players in the market.

Besides, Desmond is an inspiration for people of color, particularly women, to play their role in society without falling victim to racism. Desmond encouraged black women to stay committed and work hard to achieve their goals. Moreover, Desmond’s leadership style and humanitarian agenda inspired many people to make their dreams come true.

6.    Frederick Banting

Sir Frederick Banting was a scientist and physician who discovered insulin, a hormone that regulates and controls blood glucose levels. Banting’s exceptional contribution toward scientific research made him famous throughout the world.

The top scientist became the first Canadian to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. Likewise, he was the youngest Canadian to receive the awards at the age of 32, making him an inspiration for today’s researchers, scientists, and medical students.

7.    Lester Bowles Pearson

Lester Bowles Pearson is famous for his heroic and daring endeavors to make the world a better and safer place for everyone. Pearson’s work as a diplomat and politician is an inspiration for many people seeking change in Canada, including young individuals.

Not only is Pearson famous for his assertive style to improve Canadias’ lives, but he also focused on encouraging people to stay original and promote Canadian culture. Although Pearson died in 1972, thousands of people remember him for his extraordinary contributions towards Canada’s prosperity, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

8.    Nellie McClung

Nellie Letitia McClung is an inspiration for young women in Canada who want to promote equal rights and the feminist agenda. Today, women believe that McClung worked diligently to change the lives of Canadian women.

McClung created and joined various social support groups, but she also fought for the rights of women. Today, Canadians remember McClung for heroism and dedication toward the people of Canada, including women. McClung spent her entire life enhancing the lives of young girls and women.

9.    Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes is an inspiration for sports, speed skating, and cycling athletes and fans. Hughes is famous for her outstanding achievements as a cyclist and speed skater despite being a victim of major depressive disorders.

Clara shows young Canadians that mental health conditions must not hinder them from achieving success through her incredible commitment. Besides, she was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. Clara has also received numerous awards.

10. Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is a former Canadian astronaut and an inspiration for young researchers, scientists, and space pilots. Hadfield has earned various civilian and military awards for his outstanding work as an astronaut.

Not only is Hadfield famous in Canada, but he is also well-known in the U.S, U.K., and other countries. Hadfield was the first Canadian astronaut who traveled to space. The Royal Canadian Mint commemorated him on silver and gold coins.

Final Words

Everyone needs inspiration to develop a deep-rooted motivation and passion for whatever they want to achieve in their lives. People take inspiration from different people in different ways. These top ten most inspirational and influential Canadians have indeed left marks on people’s hearts, encouraging them to make their dreams come true.


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