4 Canadian cities among top remote places to work from

According to a research from Preply, an online learning provider platform, four Canadian towns have been listed among the top 50 best for remote work worldwide. The platform evaluated the world’s 74 top cities based on three criteria: quality of life, climate and environment, and costs and safety. Each city received a total score, with the highest score signifying the city’s suitability for remote work.
According to Preply data, four Canadian cities made the Top 50 best remote work cities: Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.

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Honest opinion on remote work in Canada

Preply has surely many criteria what makes a place good for remote work, yet do they know Canada? I am not sure about that.

Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa are not really places where most of Canadians picture a perfect place to work from remotely. Cost of living in major Canadian cities don’t necessary make them best choice for remote work does it? If one criteria is high speed internet, well that we can agree with, but that is it. Being stuck in a office or at home and not being able to move or being stuck in traffic is not really a good reason to stay in Toronto or Vancouver for remote work either.

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Muskoka Ontario
Cottage living

Instead, how about remote working from Muskoka, Banf, Lake Louise, Mont Tremblant or Vancouver Island? How about plunging into a clean and cold lake during breaks, sipping cold drink during zoom conference while birds chirp from waterfront cottage. How about a quick email reply from one of British Columbia hiking trails? Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa seriously?

Best Canadian remote work location score

Ottawa is ranked ninth in the world, with a total score of 75, including 92 for quality of life and 80 for safety.

Following Ottawa, Vancouver is ranked 36th in the world, with a total score of 51. The nice climate and great quality of life received high marks in the ranking, but costs and safety received lower marks.
Montreal is ranked 37th, with a total score of 58. The city excelled in the cost and safety categories, providing an economical and secure environment for remote employees. Finally, Toronto ranks 47th in the world with a total score of 40. Toronto performed well in terms of expenses and safety, but its quality of life rating was worse, affecting its overall ranking place.

With a total score of 100, Brisbane, Australia was named the finest remote work city in the world. Because of its gorgeous and sunny weather, vibrant cultural precinct, and reasonable prices. How about remote work from Grand Barrier Reef in Australia?

Ok, Ok, I love Nature,….. guilty as charged.

Perfect beach

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