Federal Government wants to “educate Canadians” into buying EV’s

Canadians don’t buy into Electric Vehicle craze, a federal survey reveals. The new federal survey shows “stiff resistance” to electric vehicles (EVs) from Canadians, who view EVs as expensive and unreliable. Oh, no! A nightmare to policy makers. But how about listening to what Canadians want? Well, let’s educate the masses into buying EV’s as this is surely good for them, they just don’t know it yet.


According to research by the Department of Natural Resources, if the government is to meet its EV mandate, Canadians need “increased education” about EVs. In a statement written down in the report “Results reveal many Canadians would only buy a zero-emission vehicle if the price were about the same as an equivalent conventional vehicle,”. 

Here we can see how disconnected the government can be from reality and struggle Canadians go under on monthly basis!

First off: EV’s do not have zero emissions! You can’t measure emissions at none existing exhaust pipes! It would be like measuring battery milage on gasoline engine! While EV’s don’t have emissions coming out of exhaust pipes, EV’s have an huge emission and environmental pollution foot print. No one likes to admit it, but the production, shipping, and charging of a new electric vehicle still results in significant carbon emissions, whereas a used vehicle is probably the alternative with the lowest emissions due to the environmental cost of manufacturing.

Even while buying an electric car may still be a good alternative for you, knowing the true environmental costs (depending on where you live) can help you make the best choice for your eco-conscious way of life.

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Secondly: Canadians are hesitant to buy new EV for a reason! Anyone who makes economical calculation will see that internal combustion vehicles are still budget friendlier than EV’s! On top of that it is the convenience and usage. It might be a great idea for Canadians who live in big cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and especially if they earn above average income to buy electric vehicle. Due to low milage commute and charging station availability, while not thinking about breaking the bank, buying EV is a very hip thing to do. But, for Canadians who live in suburban areas or who live on outskirts of big cities and have to commute long distances to work, including living from pay check to pay check, buying new EV is simply not a choice!

How about business owners like construction workers or parcel delivery owners? Buying an EV is impossible. There are simply no options to buy a pick up truck that is strong enough to tow bigger loads and have good milage on a battery charge. Same struggle have other business owners who need cargo vans do perform their daily duties.

Even though ordinary Canadians do their own economical calculations especially business owners, the Canadians Awareness, Knowledge, and Attitudes Related to Zero-Emission Vehicles report said “Increased education and awareness efforts will be required to overcome some of the concerns about zero-emission vehicles and the general lack of knowledge about these vehicles among the Canadian public.”

Less money
Less money in the pocket

Cabinet has proposed to ban the sale of all but EVs by 2035. 

“Very few Canadians, 6%, say they own or lease a vehicle that runs on electricity,” said Canadians Awareness.

“Fewer than one in five, 17%, feel there is an affordable zero-emission vehicle that meets their lifestyle needs,” wrote researchers. 

“Twenty-nine percent are unsure. Four in ten, 40%, are unsure whether the repair and maintenance costs for a zero-emission vehicle are lower than for a gas or diesel powered vehicle, and almost half (46%) are unsure whether zero-emission vehicles have poor resale value.”

“For the government to achieve its zero-emission vehicle targets, consumer awareness, knowledge, and acceptance of new zero-emission technology has been acknowledged by all stakeholders as critical,” said the report. 

“Canadians hold mixed views on zero-emission vehicles and continue to have a general lack of knowledge about these vehicles.”

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Maybe, perhaps just maybe, government should persuade EV manufacturers to reduce initial purchasing cost while increasing battery charge milage instead of “educating” Canadians into their least interest.

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