Best Rated Beaches in Ontario

Ontario is home to some of the most stunning natural scenery in Canada, from gorgeous waterfalls, lush Forrests, amazing landscapes including its beautiful beaches. With over 250,000 lakes and countless kilometers of shoreline, it’s no surprise that Ontario has become a popular destination for beachgoers. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best beaches in Ontario that you won’t want to miss.

Best beaches in Ontario

Some of our international readers might think that Canada and in this case Ontario could be a bit cold to swim and enjoy beaches during summer, yet summer in Ontario could be sizzling hot and air temperatures could range anywhere from 25 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. This temperature is perfect for icy cold lakes during winter months to work up during spring and summer. When we compare global longitude where Ontario is positioned, from Niagara Falls to Muskoka Lakes, this area is positioned at 43 degrees north to 45 degrees north longitude, this is equivalent to the most southern parts of France, the French Riviera or northern Mediterranean and Adriatic coast of Italy like Livorno, Genova and Venice.

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Top Beaches in Ontario:

10. Pancake Bay Provincial Park

On the Lake Superior shoreline, about an hour to the west of Sault Ste. Marie, is a beach with crystal-clear water that is bordered by a mixed forest. Here, the water is gin-clear and shallow for a considerable distance out. Picnic tables and restrooms are dotted around the top of the beach in this day-use area.

One of the few areas in Lake Superior where you can really stay in the water for a lengthy period of time is Pancake Bay, where the water warms up to a respectable level after first being bone-freezingly cold there. This is a great location for stand up paddle boarding if the winds are mild or offshore.

Pros: Clear and clean water with long and clean beach, beautiful nature, camping capabilities, great hiking

Cons: Limited grocery shopping, limited restaurants, camp facilities cleanliness somewhat rated to be undesirable

09. Port Dover

The only palm-tree-lined beach in Ontario is found in Port Dover. This is the spot to go if you want to capture a feeling of a tropical setting with tall palms swaying in the breeze. This little stretch of beach is surrounded by a lively town with plenty of eateries and shops. You can typically anticipate little waves and clean water at the beach because it is on Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes that is the hottest.

Since it opened as a seaside resort more than a century ago, Port Dover has primarily catered to senior people and young families. Even on the busiest summer weekends, the beach is rarely crowded.

Pros: Beach with palm trees, bar located at the beach, shopping and restaurants close by

Cons: Beach is not to big, could get windy, older amenities

08. Toronto Islands’ Beaches

Toronto’s skyscrapers are only a 15-minute boat journey from the beaches of the Toronto Islands, but when you sit on the sand and look out over the sea, it feels like a million miles away. Hanlan’s Point, Centre Island Beach, Gibraltar Point, and Ward’s Island Beach are the four main beaches on the Toronto Islands. Throughout the summer, lifeguards are present on every beach.

This lively, wide, south-facing beach has light brown sand and is a pleasant place to walk and lie in the sun. Centre Island Beach is the busiest of all the beaches and has the best “scene.” Offshore is a large breakwater that runs the length of the beach. This ensures the beach has virtually no surf and has the added benefit of creating a pool of nice warm water.

Pros: Island experience, beautiful park, long beach

Cons: Not free due to ferry, island could get crowded during summer, water quality

Toronto island beach

07. Agawa Bay

The beach at Agawa Bay in Lake Superior Provincial Park is one of the nicest. The northern shoreline of Lake Superior offers magnificent long expanses of amber-colored sand with shallow, crystal-clear waves. If your family is looking for a camping beach trip, this is a particularly stunning location.

As you sit in your beach chair and look out at the seemingly limitless expanse of blue ocean reaching to islands and the horizon beyond, you might be forgiven for believing you are in the Caribbean. When you enter the refreshingly chilly water, though, you’ll be soon brought back to reality.

Pros: Beautiful views, stunning sunsets, well maintained

Cons: Close to noisy highway, could get windy

06. Grand Bend

This beach stretches 25 miles along Lake Huron’s shoreline, and the shallow water even becomes warm, which is unusual for the Great Lakes. Location is important depending on the beach activity you want to do. You can visit Main Beach if you want to be in the middle of everything. Head to South Beach for a more sedate beach experience where you’ll find families and tourists reading books.

Grand Bend was one of the first beach towns in Ontario and has a long history of doing so. You’ll discover everything you’d expect to see in a normal summer town, including T-shirt stores, ice-cream parlors, hot food vendors, and people having fun in the sun.

Pros: Great food choices at local restaurants, many activities available, many B&B choices

Cons: Overcrowded in peak season, not very family friendly, expansive accommodations

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05. Singing Sands Beach

Located in Bruce Peninsula National Park, Singing Sands Beach is known for its unique sand that produces a singing or squeaking sound when walked on. The beach offers stunning views of Georgian Bay and is a great place to swim, sunbathe, and explore the surrounding wilderness. Visitors can also hike the nearby trails and take in the beauty of the park’s rugged coastline.

This beautiful beach is close to Tobermory and it is very perfect location for sun tanning, swimming, dog walking, picnic. Singing Sands Beach is very family friendly beach as the sand dunes stretch far into the lake, some spots are very shallow even couple hundred meters out into the lake.

Pros: Beautiful beach, family friendly, great trails, warm water

Cons: Expansive parking, not greatest for swimming due to shallow water, could have high water levels reducing the beach size

04. Woodbine Beach, The Beaches, Toronto

Toronto’s most well-liked beach, Woodbine Beach, is located in the GTA’s The Beaches neighbourhood and is frequently crowded on warm, sunny weekends. Beach volleyball in Toronto is mostly played on this broad stretch of sand. The beach is constantly crowded with perspiring individuals attempting to look nice while diving and spiking.

The beach itself is a three-kilometer strip of undulating sand that is wider at the western end and gets narrower as you move east. Up through Labor Day, lifeguards are on duty. There are free restrooms, changing areas, and outdoor showers available. Back from the beach is a wide wooden boardwalk, complete with benches, that is one of the most popular places to go for a stroll in the city.

Keep in mind that this stunningly beautiful and very popular beach is not the best spot for swimming due to close proximity to the city core and many plants close by.

Pros: Beautiful beach, very popular, clean beach, many amenities, board walk surrounding the beach

Cons: Water quality, not swimming friendly, could be overcrowded in peak season

03. Sandbanks Provincial Park

Located in Prince Edward County, Sandbanks Provincial Park boasts some of the largest freshwater sand dunes in the world. The park’s three beaches, Outlet Beach, Sandbanks Beach, and Dunes Beach, offer visitors the chance to swim, sunbathe, and take in the breathtaking scenery. With amenities such as washrooms, change rooms, and picnic areas, Sandbanks Provincial Park is a great place to spend a day or a weekend.

Definitely a favourite beach for many Canadians living close to Belleville and Kingston area. Paradise for families and singles, much to explore as this park is quiet big. It is an amazing place to explore the trails and dunes. Beautiful bike and secluded beaches along with a very clean park. Located close to a lot interesting little villages and wineries. The beach is perhaps the best in the province and the entire region. It is the ideal location for a summer vacation because of its natural beauty, fine beaches, and warm waves.

Pros: Beautiful beaches, many choices, gorgeous nature, camping available

Cons: As most of big lakes it can get quite windy, hard to get parking, waste not collected in time

02. Wasaga Beach

Located on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, Wasaga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Ontario. With 14 kilometers of pristine sandy beach and crystal clear water, Wasaga Beach offers visitors a wide range of activities, from swimming and sunbathing to hiking and cycling. The beach is also home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions, making it the perfect destination for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Wasaga beach was the place to go for teenagers and young couples for years, many have called Wasaga Beach as “South Beach Florida of Ontario”. A place where teenagers and young adults would go during spring and summer. Lately it has become more of a picnic and tent city for day users from the GTA. One of the most beautiful beaches in Ontario with many B&B, Hotel and restaurant choices. During peak season it gets very crowded and it could be very difficult to find an empty spot to park and lay beach towel to.

If you have some free days during regular work hours, Wastage Beach will be great getaway for you.

Pros: Big sandy beach as far the eye reaches, clean water, many amenities

Cons: Weekend crowd, limited parking spots, could be very noisy

Wasaga Beach, Ontario

01. Sauble Beach

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron, Sauble Beach is one of the longest freshwater beaches in the world, stretching for over 11 kilometers. The beach is known for its crystal clear water and soft white sand, making it a great place to swim, sunbathe, and relax. The beach is also home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions, making it a great destination for a family vacation.

Because it is more remote from Toronto and the rest of the GTA, this great beach was not as popular as Wasaga Beach. Now that the GTA has grown in population, Sauble Beach has become more attractive among young adults, teenagers and families too. Here you will find less of tent city climate and less weekend picnickers from the GTA. Visitors can enjoyed the extremely clear water, the amazing white sand and the gorgeous sunset.

Here you can find many t-shirt and touristy shops and many food and drink choices along the main beach front. If you go further north, Sauble Beach is perfect for families as it is not as crowded.

Pros: Clean beach, crystal clean water, many amenities

Cons: Could get windy, limited parking spots

Ontario can be cold during winter but very hot during summer where one of those above listed beaches can be very practical and pleasure while enjoying those hot summer days.

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