Great Benefits of Pressure Washing outdoor surfaces

Washing and scrubbing outdoor surfaces by hand can be done, but it involves some serious time commitment and some muscle work. A much time and muscle friendlier version would be to clean outdoor surfaces with help of pressurized water. Using water with power of high pressure pump can be an easy, affordable and rewarding undergoing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pressure washer operator it’s important to understand what to clean and where to better stay away from. Preventing costly damages while pressure washing can be easy, as long as you follow a few basic rules and know which surfaces to avoid.

Power washing services in the GTA
Pressure washing services in Toronto and surrounding areas

The pressure washing process is a quick and satisfying way to get rid of built-up dirt, grime, algae and stains. It can be a rewarding feeling to use a pressure washer to clean algae-covered walkways, stripping old paint from a deck, cleaning stains from driveway spills, and other DIY jobs that can significantly improve the visual appeal of your home. It is very easy to just turn on the washer and get going.

This might not be the best idea yet!

Personal and surface safety first

Misuse of a pressure washer can result in damaged wood, striping in concrete or stone, and could even cause some serious damage to human tissue. High-powered stream of water can be significantly misused, and should always be handled with care. Some pressure washers can have even 5000PSI which can cause some serious damage. Make sure you’re following safety regulations and instructions before you start to operate such machinery.

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What surfaces can be pressure washed

Using Pressure Washer is most rewarding on concrete, stone and wood, but other materials can be washed as well. For instance, cars have been washed with help of a pressure washer for decades, but, here is the ketch. Those pressure washers are entry level pressure washers which have no more than 2600PSI. Even with that kind of a pressure, lots of things can be damaged if not being careful. Cars should never be washed with wand closer than 6 cm to the surface because delicate materials like door, window and hatch seals and gaskets could be damaged easily while washing. When washing homes, avoid using pressure washer on glass and plastic surfaces, those materials could be damaged easily. Concrete and wood can take hard beatings, but nothing is indestructible! Always reduce your pressure if possible on a given surface when cleaning for the first time, if there is no damage to the surface, you can continue to wash.

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Pressure washing services in Toronto

Buying a Pressure washer of hiring a Professional?

If you own a pressure washer and you have washed some of the surfaces before, the decision in this case would be an obvious one. But what about if you have never used such equipment and think about doing so? This might help you. If you are a handy person or of you work in one of the construction and maintenance trades for instance, using a power washer around the house should not be a big of a deal for you, but, if you rarely use power tools or you don’t know how to operate power equipment, than you might want to consider calling a pressure washing professional instead. A entry level power washer costs about $300, mid level would cost approximately $600 and professional pressure washers would cost between $1200 and $10.000. Investing in that kind of money is probably not the best idea for one time wash during spring cleaning around the house. Professional contractors have necessary knowledge and tools to clean multiple vertical and horizontal surfaces while keeping all materials safe and sound. While regular pressure washing takes care of easy to remove contaminants, hot water power washing can take care of motor oil stains, chewing gums and even greasy restaurant dumpsters.

Removing algae from homes
Removing algae and moss from surfaces

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Professional pressure washing contractor rates

Many home owners will be surprised to hear that pressure washing your property will not cast you an arm and a leg! Instead, starting rates for professional pressure washing are around $200! A home owner can get all the know how, proper equipment, detergents and labour for as little as $200. No hassle to buy equipment, no damaged surfaces, no sweat! Simply, call your local contractor you can trust and all pressure washing needs will be taken care of for you. Whether you need residential or commercial pressure washing services, calling your local contractor will be a winning move.

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