Best Pressure and Power Washing Service Provider in Toronto

Although many GTA homeowners and businesses prefer to have their property pressure washed as part of spring-cleaning schedule, there are many who nave never heard of the benefits a pressure washing routine brings.

Adverse weather conditions or infrequent cleaning can leave outdoor areas in a complete mess which, in turn, decreases the appeal of your property. The cleanup of these outdoor spaces and surfaces such as patios, sidewalks, backyard decks, front porches, driveways and exterior walls is best left to a team of experienced professionals in order to achieve a safe and satisfactory end result.

Many professional pressure washing contractors offer an all-in-one pressure washing services in Toronto

Power washing services in the GTA
Pressure washing services in Toronto and surrounding areas

But what does that mean and how can you benefit from such services?

To ensure that all your home and business outdoor cleaning requirements are taken care of, it is always good to hire someone who can take care of all cleaning needs.  Whether you’re looking to revitalise the appearance of your house, or de-grime the business property for a fresh and inviting finish, pressure washing from skilled team guarantees to meet your expectations! It helps to know that a reputable business can clean and protect all surfaces you might have around your home or business. 

Beside hiring the right personnel, you need to know that regular pressure washing schedule can prolong the lifetime of your surfaces. If a deck or interlocking slabs are left unmaintained, the lifetime diminishes drastically. Wooden surfaces erode in summer and winter: dirt, algae and lichee can soften up the wood and it will crack when dry or frozen. Similar, outcome but possibly more costly is unmaintained interlocking slabs in your driveway or walkway. Should you have weeds and moss growing in between the stones, you most likely have already a damage that goes unnoticed.

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 Grass or moss will destroy the polymer sand. 

Polymer sand is there to support the stones or concreate slabs, it holds the interlocking together and prevents water from undermining the structure. Grass roots will open pores and water will sip through the polymer sand and wash away quartz sand underneath the interlocking.

Not enough support means, your interlocking will start shifting or sinking. Costly repair or total replacement is not far away. Regular pressure washing will prevent such big costs and your driveway or sidewalk will always look like freshly installed.

Proven & Powerful

Pressure or power washing is one of the most effective ways to clean outdoor surfaces. From weed infested driveways, dirty decks, grimy sidewalks, undesirable stained fences, oily dumpsters or building walls, water, with skilled and properly trained staff will bring the desirable look. 

Skilled and friendly Pressure washing in Toronto Team is Como Maintenance Services.

Located in East Gwillimbury, Como Maintenance Services crew is serving GTA residential and commercial clients. They provide all-in one power washing services in Toronto and the rest of the GTA. 

Over ten years of experience in property & ground maintenance, Como maintenance Services can clean all surfaces you might have on your property. Their technicians are friendly, highly trained professionals who will have a respectable approach every time. With full liability insurance, WSIB coverage, top rated equipment and best rates, Como Maintenance Services team beats the competition by far.

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Power washing services in the GTA
Surface washing with pressure washer

FREE estimates

Pressure washing will be done safely and in timely manner by professionals at your own schedule. You can benefit from free estimates and by surprisingly inexpensive services.

By the time we are done, you will have a home or business that looks clean and inviting.  

Spring and Summer is the busiest season for any contractor especially those who are dependable on nice weather, therefor many clients are surprised to hear that waiting list could be about a month or two. Book your Pressure washing services in Toronto in advance, this way you will have the service on time, when you need it. Como Maintenance staff can book a free estimate for you in no time. 

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