Here is Why Regular Property Maintenance is important for your Home


Time is always the biggest factor when it comes to proper or terrible home maintenance. We have asked Toronto based home maintenance company, “what is the best way and what might be the worst property killer?”

You might be surprised what they had to say.

When it comes to property maintenance, the biggest issue is time and the drive to have an amazing property. 

But why, we have asked.

Many homeowners buy a bigger property than they can care for. 

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The reasons might be: “when people look for properties, they possibly want to invest, they want to feel better or they want to impress their friends and family members. But what many new homeowners don’t realize is, not properly maintained property will reflect just the opposite of what they tried to accomplish”.

Neighbours might complain about the lawn not mowed regularly, or because the overgrown trees penetrating neighbour’s property and dropping all the leaves. Visitors will notice those deficiencies as well. The dream of having a paradise at home can diminish fast.

“We have seen $500 000 properties that look like Lake Como Villas and multi-million-dollar mansions that look like an abandoned ruin” said Arman, owner of Como Maintenance Services.

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When it comes to buying a property, it is important to consult property maintenance professionals on how much proper property maintenance will cost on monthly or annual basis. Failing to do so, can and most likely will bring you to financial uncertainty.

Many homeowners have the drive for a beautiful and well-maintained property, but simply have not enough time to dedicate towards the dream lawn, flower bed or clean stonework.

If we use the triangular approach to home maintenance, it always helps to know that proper maintenance is the link between the time – money – dedication!  We need the balance between all tree to have a harmonic approach, if for some reason we fail to have enough of either one, the other two have to be increased.

If we don’t have enough time, we need to spend more money on professional help.

If we don’t have enough money for professional help, we need to spend more time.

and so on……

In this busy world, most homeowners have simply not enough time. And that is perfectly fine, it helps to know that most of us are in the same boat.

Ask your neighbour of friend with gorgeous ground maintenance on how she or he manages to have such a beautiful property?

Hiring property maintenance professionals might not be that expansive as we might think, in contrary, mostly it will be more affordable than we preciously thought to be.

Weekly lawn mowing start as little as $20 per visit and pressure washing services in Toronto start around $200 per visit!

No need to buy expansive equipment that will clog your garage, you don’t have to do the job yourselves.

The procedure is simple: call the property professionals, get estimates in, make your calculations and decide what the best option for you is.

It takes dedication, but isn’t that part of the triangular approach to good property maintenance?

For this reason, hiring top property maintenance contractor in Toronto is important for you and your property.

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