Most Famous Canadian Psychologists Jordan Peterson Fights Back

Dr. Jordan Peterson, Canada’s most recognized psychologist, intends to contest the College of Psychologists’ sanctions against him.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, most famous Canadian psychologist and one of the most intelligent and influential Canadians in the World, former professor of University of Toronto and clinical psychologist was required by the college of psychologists to undergo what they call “social media training”! The College of Psychologists of Ontario ordered Peterson, who is also an author and media commentator, to participate in a coaching program on professionalism in public statements in November. After receiving complaints, Peterson was required by the college to attend a coaching program on professionalism when making public statements on social media.

The allegations stemmed from his political remarks, as well as his views on women, masculinity, and gender issues.

Lawyers Howard Levitt and Peter Carey have asked the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal the sanctions. They argue that the majority of the complaints originated from non-Canadians who had no link to him or his professional activities.

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“A significant amount of public controversy has surrounded this case, in Canada and abroad, since it impacts a large portion of the Canadian workforce subject to regulatory trade and professional bodies. The chilling effect that this decision has had will have on the freedom of speech and debate of everyday Canadians is alarming,” Levitt said in a statement.

“The powers taken by regulatory bodies to silence Dr. Peterson’s speech is more expansive than that currently available to governments in Canada, as the Charter would prevent a similar government ruling. We are hopeful the Court of Appeal will grant leave to appeal.”

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The college’s complaints committee determined that his contentious public utterances may have constituted professional misconduct and mandated the social media coaching program; if he disobeyed, he risked losing his provincial license to practice psychology.

“The College of Psychologists’ ruling has already been seen on the international level as a concern on the freedom of speech and debate in this country,” Peterson said, vowing to battle the college.

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