How to sell a Home faster in Canada?

When it comes to selling a house — the faster you can do it, the better.

On top of the strategic aspect, a fast sale may be a necessity. Perhaps you’re strapped for cash or are nervous about holding onto an old inherited house that’s racking up tax bills. What ever your reason might be, selling home fast and getting most money for it is everyones plan.

Second half of the 2022 signalled a shift in sales. Sellers should expect to work a little harder on their home presentation if they want to sell fast.

Here we take a closer look at your selling options and why more presentable property is the winning solution!

Clean, declutter, and depersonalize

It’s the triple threat that buyers can’t resist: a house that’s clean, clutter-free, and neutral like a blank canvas. Here’s what we mean.

(Almost) everything must go

Goodbye stacks of magazines, junk scattered across countertops, and clunky items eating up your floor space — it’s time to declutter with a vengeance! This act alone can add over $10 000 to your home’s value at resale and no double will help it sell faster, too.

Buyers love spaciousness, so go through each room and take a minimalist approach, experienced stagers recommend. We’re talking no coasters, hair ties, or trinkets on nightstands — just a lamp will do.

Pressure washed home

Outdoor surface beautifying

Potential buyers will always see the outdoor surfaces of your home first! First impression is probably the most important aspect when attracting new buyers. Dirty and not well groomed grounds will always portrait bad impression! Broken parts, mossy pathways or weedy driveways will indicate that the owner doesn’t love the home as much as he or she should have. The first indication will automatically mean well preserved or poorly maintained indoors!

Pressure wash all outdoor surfaces, cut the lawn, trim the trees and shrubs, edge lawn, and remove all debris!

If you own all the tools and have green thumb you can do most of the work yourself. On the other hand, you can always hire property maintenance professionals to the the job for you.

Pressure washing services in Toronto

Every surface can be improved. Pressure washing is an ideal way to remove algae, moss, fungus, dirt, salt residue, stains and other contaminants from most of the outdoor surfaces. Whether you have concrete pathway, interlocking driveway, wooden deck or fence, pressure washing is the way to beautify your property quickly and efficiently before the very first pictures get taken and first potential buyers arrive.

Lawn care Newmarket, Ontario

Well-groomed grass and shrubs in an other important aspect when it comes to selling homes! No one wants to buy a home with burned lawn full with holes or dog urine burns! A lush green lawn, freshly cut is a pleasure for everyone’s eye. It indicates proper maintenance, dedication, sophistication and cleanliness. Potential buyers will be anxiously eager to see the interior of you home.

Hire the right contractor to the all outdoor jobs for you

An initial investment into beautifying outdoor surceases will result in tremendous increase of the sales price and will reduce the time the house stays on the market. Every $10 spend on property maintenance will increase $1000 on revenue.

Hire a local contractor who specializes in property maintenance, they will groom the green spaces to the very best potential, wash all the surfaces in as little as one or two days. At the end of the work you will have an inviting home for new buyers who will be impressed with what they have to see.

Beautifully maintained Property is not an accident!

Every property will show dedication towards the perfection or very lack of it. What would it be when selling your home?

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