Trouble in Paradise: Taylor Swift Concert Tickets too expansive

On Wednesday morning, the first special set of tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Toronto went on sale, and fans are already berating Ticketmaster for charging exorbitant prices for the in-demand seats. Only a “limited number of registered Verified Fans” will be given a special access code to purchase tickets when the six-show run at the Rogers Centre was announced, according to Ticketmaster. All other Swifties would be put on a waitlist.

Ticketmaster states that waitlisted fans will only get a text message with a special access code and link to the Verified Fan Onsale if they are chosen to be removed from the waitlist.

Swifties pleading with the American singer-songwriter to bring her stadium tour to Canada, frustration over the waitlist process, and now high resale ticket prices have all been part of the drama surrounding the Eras Tour. Ticketmaster’s website crashed back in November 2022.

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 Some even asked their friends, family members, coworkers, parents, and siblings to sign them up for the Verified Fan Onsale so they could get a special access code.

The initial front floor seat pricing of $530 to $600, lower bowl seats of $400 to $500, 200-section seats of around $375, and 500-section seats of $160 to $200 startled and incensed the fans.

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Fans on the queue will currently have to wait patiently to find out if they will be given a special access code for any of the Eras Tour performances scheduled for November 14–16 and November 21–23, 2024.

Additionally, RBC is an official sponsor of the Eras Tour concerts in Toronto, and the bank has reserved a certain number of seats for Avion Rewards members alone. Ticketmaster will get in touch with chosen members on or before August 15 to give them the option to buy up to four tickets.

Taylor Swift tickets in Toronto are not the only concert tickets that are astronomical, Toronto concerts compared with other Canadian cities like Montreal for instance are usually higher.

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We are all aware of the high cost of living in Toronto. In fact, the city was recently dubbed the most expensive in Canada due to its high cost of living. Even with this information, however, it hasn’t prevented fans from being outraged by the outrageous cost of Drake concert tickets.

Rapper Drake and rapper 21 Savage, both of British descent, will perform twice in Toronto in October as part of Drake’s “It’s All A Blur Tour.” Drake’s first headlining tour since 2018 will begin on June 29 in Memphis, Tennessee, and will end on October 5 and 7 at Scotiabank Arena. Along the way, the tour will include stops in Chicago, Boston, New York, Montreal, and Vancouver.

When tickets for both concerts went on sale in April, a large number of fans quickly took to social media to vent their frustration at the exorbitant costs. For seats that weren’t all that amazing, ticket prices ranged from $300 to more than $1000.

The fact that tickets are far less expensive in other locations, however, has some fans furious and has caused others to question Drake’s commitment to the “beautiful city” he claims to adore.

Fans will need to pay $537 for a seat in section 103 when Drake makes two dates at Montreal’s Centre Bell in July. Fans will pay a staggering $942.51 per ticket to sit in the identical area in Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, which is almost $400 more expensive.

Toronto, beautiful city appears it is not made for ordinary folks.

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