Take the Epic Train Journey from Toronto to Vancouver

Discover one of the world’s greatest train journeys

From the bustle of Toronto to the jagged Rockies and serene West Coast, The VIA Rail Canadian train gives you a rare opportunity to see Canada’s diverse scenery in one amazing trip.

Follow the historic route that made Canada what it is today. Built in the 19th century to connect the nation, the Canadian National Railway stretches across the endless fields of the prairies and then carves through the Rockies before arriving on the West Coast. Savor stunning views from the train and then explore the country’s best destinations at overnight stops.

Canadian Railway

Quick facts about VIA Rail’s The Canadian Train

  • The Canadian connects Toronto and Vancouver, with stops in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Jasper. This route can also be travelled in reverse.
  • This train covers a total of 4,446 km, which takes about 86 hours.
  • Enjoy sweeping views in the Panorama car, where giant windows extend up to the ceiling.
  • Travellers can dine on the train and sleep in their own private cabins.
  • The menu features dishes that pay tribute to regional specialties: Saskatoon berry salad, Alberta beef and B.C. salmon are just a few examples.

The Canadian Train Route

VIA Rail follows this route on its Canadian Train: Toronto – Winnipeg – Saskatoon – Edmonton – Jasper – Kamloops – Vancouver

Via Rail Train map from Toronto to Vancouver

This is the classic Canadian journey. Rumble through boreal forest, prairies and mountains on what National Geographic called one of the best train trips in the world. And along the way, you’ll get to experience some uniquely Canadian destinations.

Explore Toronto, Canada’s largest metropolis and a cultural and artistic hub. Or visit Winnipeg, the most under-the-radar city in the prairies, with world-class museums, art galleries and a diverse dining scene.

Cross through Saskatchewan’s huge blue skies and bright-yellow fields of canola, and watch the terrain outside your window grow from foothills to the towering peaks of the Rockies. Be sure to stretch out your neck – you’ll spend a lot of the time on the train staring up at the incredible mountains all around you. The serene coastline of Vancouver — where you will either start or end your journey — provides the perfect mix of urban luxuries and outdoor escapes.


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