From Summery +30 Degrees to Wintery Snow in Ontario

If you live in Ontario and you were truly wishing for the nice Summery weather to come to an end, it’s your fault! Off-course this is a joke, yet the show isn’t! According to a recent analysis by The Weather Network, Ontario will quickly transition from warm summer weather to cool fall weather in the coming days as a significant pattern change sweeps central Canada.

Snow during fall

The transition is consistent with the “fickle fall” prognosis from the weather service, which said that icy temperatures will arrive in October before the winter season.

With daytime highs rising 10 to even 20 degrees above the seasonal average for this time of year, Ontario experiences summer-like heat at the start of the first week of October.The atmospheric barrier responsible for the sunny and mild weather is expected to be rapidly pushed away by the end of the week as a big trough swings down from northern Canada.

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The chilly breeze from the north will push away southern warm weather, bringing with it the wintery feeling and possibility of early snow in some communities. The first snowflakes of the season won’t fall in every community in the province next weekend, but most of Ontario will see sharp decreases in temperature as a result of the big temperature swing.

Early snow

Summer in Ontario wasn’t the hit this year, rainy and bellow normal temperatures have been bothering Ontario residents thought-out July and August, but September and beginning October was breathtakingly beautiful. This charming Fall will sadly be abrupt sharply by the end of next week. Daily temperatures in the cottage country could plummet from 15 to 20 degrees and the rest of Southern Ontario could drop abut 10-15 degrees Celsius.

Summer to Winter weather switch should be taken seriously because it could make the roads slippery and it could bring some health problems with it as well. So, it might be a good idea to switch those tires and to pull out your winter clothing out.

It will be chilly quickly!

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