Calling 911 About Tim Hortons Coffee is Not Cool!

One of the most recent weird 911 calls was made on Monday afternoon by a caller who was having some type of problem with their Tim Hortons order, according to Peel Regional Police.

911 emergency in Peel Region

“911, Do you need police, fire, or an ambulance?” The caller replies by asking for cops and then sharing this is a complete non-emergency when the operator asks a question.

The caller can be heard saying, “So, basically, I bought an Iced Capp from, ah, Tim Hortons,” in the recording posted by Peel police on social media platform X (previously Twitter).

“Is this a life or death emergency, sir?” the operator then queries.

“Un, no, it’s like, I bought one but then they are not giving me a replacement,” the caller responds.

So, what to say after hearing this conversation posted on Twitter/X?

Was this lack of education, knowledge or pure ignorance? Hard to say, but one thing is clear, 911 is only for real emergencies, not your order was mixed up and you are grumpy emergency!

According to Peel Regional Police, roughly 40% of calls to the region’s 911 service are for non-emergencies, which might make it difficult for some people who need immediate help to get through.

In Brampton and Mississauga, the 911 service in the area responds to police, fire, and ambulance calls.

Next time you have a real emergency in Peel Region, you might have to wait until Tim Hortons orders and disputes are settled.

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