Jordan Peterson must go to “Social media Training”

One of the most intelligent and influential Canadians in the World, former professor of University of Toronto and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson must go to what they so call “social media training”, Ontario court ruled today! The College of Psychologists of Ontario ordered Peterson, who is also an author and media commentator, to participate in a coaching program on professionalism in public statements in November.

That came after several complaints about Peterson’s online remarks directed at politicians, a plus-sized model, and transgender actor Elliot Page, among other concerns, were made to the organization that regulates Ontario psychologists, of which he is a member.

And reactions on social media are exploding:

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The college’s complaints committee determined that his contentious public utterances may have constituted professional misconduct and mandated the social media coaching program; if he disobeyed, he risked losing his provincial license to practice psychology.

Peterson requested a judicial review, claiming that the college has no authority over his political commentary.

Peterson’s application was denied by the Ontario Divisional Court, which ruled that the college’s decision was within its authority to control the profession in the public interest and had no bearing on Peterson’s right to free speech.

Jordan Peterson explained in November of 2022 why this ruling by the College of Psychologists is an unfair and against free speech decision in his YouTube interview with his daughter Mikhaila Peterson.

The charges filed against Peterson to the institution were detailed in a 56-page dossier that Peterson put online in January 2023. Although this could not be verified because the names of the complainants had been removed, he claimed that many of them had been made by his former clients. The College of Psychologists of Ontario, which is in charge of overseeing the behaviour of psychologists in the province, launched an investigation as a result.

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The court’s ruling lists several other contentious remarks, including complaints that Peterson indirectly encouraged suicide by tweeting, “You’re free to leave at any point,” in response to remarks about overpopulation and the Children’s Aid Society joining the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa.

If Jordan Peterson has hurt the College of Psychologists rule of conduct, why was he not notified about the rules broken and here exactly the rules were broken? Instead the explanation was that Jordan Peterson must undergo “Social Media Training” because his views oppose Colleges values and point of view. If Jordan Peterson, a world wide sensation could be silenced, does that mean that ordinary Canadians have only one choice, be quiet or leave the country?

This newest Ontario court certainly does not leave Canadians with warm and fuzzy feelings.

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