Serious Mysterious! Another Subdivision fire in the GTA!

Following a large fire in a Richmond Hill suburb, several vacant homes have been destroyed. Around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, York Region first responders were summoned to the neighbourhood near Bethesda Side Road and Leslie Street.

According to York Regional Police, the fire began in one of the unfinished homes and quickly spread across the complex. As a result, four vacant homes in what the authorities described as a new neighbourhood caught fire. There have been no reported injuries. Although the source of the fire is yet unknown, officials have observed that lightning may be to blame. They verified that three homes were totally demolished and one other was severely damaged.

There is something wrong in the city of Rome! How can it be that three large subdivisions go up in flames in three months? What is going on? Are builders becoming so greedy that when the prices goes down south they claim it on the insurance? Are builders becoming careless or what is the real reason behind those fires? It surely appears as this is becoming a pandemic in GTA subdivisions.

Like homes are not enough expansive in the GTA and as if Canadians don’t know what to do with all those houses?! Perhaps we need more immigrants to fill all the vacant homes siting around empty?

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Oh well, another fire. Whatever! Seriously folks. This should not happen under any circumstances! Where was the fire prevention if this was an “accident” or careless behaviour, where are safety procedures in place to prevent this from happening? Where are fire marshals to find the real cause of such fires? Did anyone read in the news lately what was the cause of two other fires that happened months ago? I didn’t!

One thing I know. This is a disgrace to Canada and a punch in the face to people who bought these homes and eagerly wait for their homes to be finishes so they can finally move in. This way, those homeowners will face nothing but grief!

Shame on you! Who ever the builder is. Shame on you!

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