Second GTA Subdivision Fire in Two Months

Late on Wednesday morning, a enormous fire broke out in a newly-built community in east Oakville. It happened close to Ninth Line, between William Cutmore Boulevard and Dundas Street East. According to the Halton Regional Police, emergency personnel arrived on the site about 11:40 a.m. This is the second fire that engulfed nearly completed homes in the Greater Toronto Area!

Images and videos shared on social media depicted the scene as being filled with flames and heavy black smoke. He pointed out that no construction workers had ever been stranded or required rescue. The event did not result in any injuries to either firemen or bystanders.

Fire Chief Paul Boissonneault said:

“As far as the actual fire cause …we’ll have to do that through an appropriate investigation,” Boissonneault said.

“We do know that there were construction trades working within those areas from various trades. And obviously we know that some of those trades require devices … whether they be torches or things of that nature, that are involved in the construction process. But, until we can ensure that we have an accurate assessment of the fire cause of determination, I don’t want to put potential rumors out there. There’s many means that has to be looked at.”

Deliberate arson or unknowledgeable workers

As home prices skyrocket in Canada and especially in the Greater Toronto Area, one can’t stop thinking about suspicious fires like the one yesterday in Oakville and similar fire just two months ago in Vaughan where hundreds of newly build homes went up in flames. How can this happen? Why did this not happen before?

There are many unanswered questions and probably those will never be answered by the police nor the fire marshal. Vaughan subdivision fire is still under investigation apparently because there are no information what caused the fire, was someone charged and was it arson? Most likely this fire will have the same outcome.

Much needed homes go up in flames, making the housing situation worse! If this is not arson, then who is hiring these workers? What is the skill level of those workers to not understand fire safety? What are inspectors doing when this continues to happen? How many charges against companies will be issued or will there be just verbal warning?

The way it seems, construction in the GTA is getting out of control! Who is to blame? Construction workers, companies who hire not skilled people, inspectors who turn the blind eye to mischief, the government who is mismanaging immigration with infrastructure?

Probably all together! If this is an accident and not deliberate arson, then an accident does not happen just by it self, a whole bunch of chain reactions need to go happen in order for “accident” to occur. Accidents just don’t happen, they are created! If hot work is performed in subdivisions, why is there no spotter with fire extinguisher on spot? Why is there no procedure in place to prevent fires like these?

What ever the cause, this is a huge scandal for the builder and entire Canada! To let this happen, many in chan of command and policymakers have failed miserably.

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