Huge fire destroys more than 20 homes in Toronto area

A gigantic fire in Vaughan that started out tiny was blown out of control by high winds and dry conditions, engulfing 20 newly built homes leaving nothing but ashes. Just before 2:00 p.m., York Regional Police tweeted about the fire near Pine Valley Drive and Teston Road.

The intersections of Pine Valley Drive and Ballantyne Boulevard, Teston Road and Arbordale Drive, as well as Teston Road and Ballantyne Boulevard all remain closed.

According to Vaughan fire chief Andy Zvanitajs, crews battled the blaze for more than two hours. The wind on Wednesday, he continued, contributed to the fire spreading to other residences.

Fire destroyed 20 new built homes at 2 million dollar each is not everyday incident in Canada, which started many rumours about what have caused the enormous fire and setback for struggling home affordability and availability especially in the GTA.

Some Tweets suggest a set up or at least very suspicious fire!

According to Zvanitajs, about 20 dwellings were damaged and 20 were demolished. He stated that he anticipates several properties may need to be demolished owing to severe heat damage. Some of the houses had been framed and roofed and were ready for brick.

Although there haven’t been any reports of significant injuries, a firefighter was taken to the hospital out of an abundance of caution.

Although the cause of the fire is unknown, York Regional Police reported receiving numerous reports.

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Even though the fire has been put out, workers will stay on the scene until night, according to Vaughan Fire. Enbridge and fire departments are collaborating to turn off the subdivision’s gas supply so that firefighters can extinguish any lingering gas vent fires.

The cause of the fire is being looked at by the Ontario Fire Marshal.

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