Best Ice Cream Places in Ontario You Need to Visit

Ice cream, with its creamy texture and delightful flavors, has long been a beloved treat enjoyed by people of all ages. In Canada, this frozen dessert holds a special place in the hearts of its residents. From bustling cities to quaint small towns, ice cream parlors and vendors can be found dotting the landscape, satisfying the sweet cravings of Canadians across the country. But, where is the best Ice cream or Gelato place in Province of Ontario, most populated province in Canada?


We have traveled and explored many Ontario towns, cities and tourist spots and have tried some amazing local Ice cream creations. Therefor, we would like to spread the word on where we have tasted the best Ice cream in the province so here we go:

10. Dutch Dreams, Toronto

What a vibrant experience we had!
Dutch Dreams is located on a busy Toronto spot on Vaughan Rd. just few steps away from St. Clare Avenue West and Bathurst Street. A local landmark well known for delicious Ice cream since 1980’s. It’s a really entertaining and unforgettable ice cream parlour, and the variety of flavours is insane. We did not count how many flavours Dutch Dreams had by the time we visited it, but it was certainly a pleasure for the senses. Despite the fact that there’s a chance you will pick the wrong flavour, you will certainly enjoy every choice you make. This place is ice experience you have to make at least once. Ice cream flavours are amazing and what you can get with your ice cream is very impressive. Cones with chocolate, sprinklers, nuts and what not. This place will wake up a child in everyone. All of the ice creams are beautifully packaged and done really nicely! The employees were kind and cordial. While you enjoy your cold deliciousness, you can walk to the tourist attraction of Toronto, Casa Loma, it is just two minutes away.

9. Summer’s, Yorkdale-Toronto

Yorkville experience you must do! Summe’s Ice Cream is located in prestigious Toronto neighbourhood, surrounded with crème de la crème boutiques, fancy restaurants and most luxurious hotels. We virtually always have to stop at Summer’s for ice cream if we’re near Yorkville! They provide amazing waffle cones and a wide variety of handmade ice cream flavours. I ordered the strawberry rhubarb flavour and it was taste buds galore. Creamy, yet fruity flavour just right for summer days and evening strolls around Toronto spot to be. Price was reasonable and the staff is very friendly and polite. If you haven’t been to Summer’s yet, don’t overlook it while walking down Yorkdale Avenue, thus it is located in one of basement units. Slow down your pace and you will see it. Shopping at Yorkville or just go of a walk is experience you will not forget, adding Summer’s Ice Cream to this experience is breathtaking.

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8. St. Philips Bakery, Nobleton-King Township

Delicious Gelato in one of best Bakeries Ontario has to offer! St. Philips Bakery has three locations, one in Maple, one in Woodbridge and one in Nobleton, but we are adding on our number eight spot St. Phillips Bakery located in Nobleton. Even though other two locations are great too, but Nobleton is a league on it’s own. A brand new building with felt like 30 foot ceilings, delicious pastries, amazing patio and one of the most delicious gelato you can get from far and wide. Don’t look for 60 different flavours when visiting St. Philips bakery, they have probably just 10 different ones, but the taste of every single one is just unbelievable! Mhhhh Italian Limone flavour is just irresistible. Italian gelato is perfection, sleek, sophisticated and simply fascinating. Cone or cup at St. Philips bakery will be served with waffle cookie and a napkin for sanitary purposes and should one or two drops of deliciousness slip onto your clothing. St. Philips is famous for it’s amazing pastry, but let me tell you, Ice cream is very much worth visiting this place.

Best ice cream in Ontario

7. iHalo Krunch, Toronto

Extraordinary experience you must try! iHalo Krunch is located in downtown Toronto on Queen Street West just west of Bathurst. Even if you are not living in Toronto, this place is definitely worth visiting. It serves only soft ice cream, love it to hate it, but this is special. Cones are made with activated charcoal and it is like anticipated black in colour. I had the Use twisted with black on black flavour and to my surprise it was beyond delicious! At first I was very sceptical about this new age ice cream as I am very traditional Mediterranean gelato type, but this ice cream was so good that I had to put it on my best ice cream in Ontario list. I really like the black coloured ice cream and cone as it is not only tasty but it is also innovative and fun. I was told about iHalo back in 2019, but I did not pay much attention to it, so this year I finally got to try it and I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely be going back for more as it is certainly a must try.

6. Ed’s Real Scoop, Toronto

Gelato in a cone, cup or sandwich. Ed’s Real Scoop has four locations in Toronto, The Beaches, Leslieville, Roncesvalles and Mimico. No matter where you go to, the ice is phenomenal. Since its establishment in 2000, Ed’s has grown to include many locations and more than 150 kinds of ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt. Ed’s premium products are handcrafted and have the taste of bygone summers. I tried some of their fruit-based gelato, including lime and passionfruit. Both were brimming with the flavour of the actual fruit. A tick sweet, but not too sweet, just enough to start your mouth to water while you enjoy the refreshing flavour. I adore Ed’s Real Scoop because it is very authentic, especially the green tea taste, which is regrettably only offered during the summer. There are flavours like pumpkin, yet, not sure if I want to try that. Regardless what flavour you crave for, once you try Ed’s Real Scoop ice cream, you will scream of more Ice cream.

5. Algonquin Outfitters – Lake Opeongo

Ice cream in pure nature, magnificent! Algonquin Outfitters is located in remote part of Algonquin Park, about 30 minutes drive north off Hwy. 60. Perhaps an unusual place to get one of the best ice creams in the province but, this place is fantastic! As nature lover, I love Algonquin Park. Away from smog, busy city and noise. Just pure oxygen, esoteric oils from trees, birds singing, water chuckle and ice cream! That’s right, ice cream. Algonquin Outfitters store at lake Opeongo has some of best ice creams around. Many tasty flavours to choose from on a waffle cone or in a cup, regardless what you choose, the deliciousness enjoyed at this location is unforgettable! Outfitter store is built like a historic trapper exchange depot constructed with massive logs overlooking beautiful lake and breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery. When you combine this amazingly good ice cream with this location, you will get a life long unforgettable experience. Take a scoop or two, sit outside on the porch or lake dock and enjoy what beautiful moments life has to offer. Once experienced, you will come back again and again.

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Decorative ice cream

4. Farmstead Cheesehouse & Gelateria – Pembroke

Family business perfected for gelato. Farmstead Cheesehouse & Gelateria is located in a small city bordering to Quebec, Pembroke. Back in 1980 a Swiss family immigrated to Canada to Renfrew County, hard working family started Canadian journey on a farm, milking cows and cultivating farm land. Years later the idea was born to open Farmstead Cheesehouse. Opened on June 10th 2019 small café and gelateria just 5 minutes from the family farm grew to be one of the best places you can enjoy delicious ice cream. What you get here is a blend of delicious fresh gelato, fast and friendly service, fantastic selection, comfortable seating areas inside and outside, and unforgettable family flair. Gelato is honestly as good as Italian gelato from Venezia or Rome, Italian taste all the way. Farmstead Cheesehouse & Gelateria is the prime example what hard work, passion and loving family can create. This place is very special indeed, and well worth a trip to see for yourself!

3. Mantovani 1946 – Ottawa

True taste of Neapolitan gelato. Mantovani 1946 is located in downtown Ottawa Byward Market on Murray street. You may get a real sense of Italy at this family-run store. Their famed gelato, pastries, and Neapolitan espresso are made by skilled artisanal gelato makers using only Italian ingredients. Hands down this is probably the best gelato you can get in Ontario. The flavours and textures are fantastic. A lovely and sophisticated atmosphere awaits you at Mantovani 1946, beautifully decorated and friendly service no matter how busy this cafe might be. You will always be greeted with a smile and you will get the very best gelato Ottawa and Ontario has to offer. Must try is heavenly Pistachio and refreshing Amalfi (lemon cream). While I was there only once, the taste and friendliness of Mantovani 1946 has inspired me to place it on number three on our Ontarios best Ice cream places list. Amazing job Mantovani!

2. Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe – Toronto

Award winning gelato! Mizzica Gelateria & Cafe is located on busy downtown Toronto location at Queen Street West and John Street. To be honest, I am not to crazy about busy Canadian cities, it is not my ideal place to enjoy ice cream, yet Mizzica Gelateria taste will let you forget the noise and high traffic and will teleport you straight to Italy. Super-creamy gelato, just like in Bela Italia! A modest selection of creative and staple flavours will wake up you senses for good. You can enjoy taste test and combine flavours at Mizzica Gelateria. Very busy place but wort the wait time! Flavours are heavenly. My tip, try the walnut/fig flavour with hint of limone, mhhhhh Mediterranean gelato at it’s best. Just great flavours and texture, authentic gelato all the way! I did not try the mascarpone gorgonzola pistachio everyone is raving about, that would be my must try next time! Lovely seating area. The inside of the cafe is roomy, and there is seating both inside and outside. I absolutely recommend this place when in Toronto.

Great gelato
  1. La Dolce Vita – Oakville

Taste buds on high delight. La Dolce Vita is located in charming city of Oakville in one of the best spots Oakville has to offer, Lake Shore Road just few steps from Oakvill’s promenade. I just love this place, the mix of creative and traditional flavours and the great location close to downtown Oakville and many beautiful parks makes La Dolce Vita the number one spot to enjoy amazing ice cream in Ontario! Refreshing and delightful with generous portions, La Dolce Vita will have your favourite flavour. From fruity and refreshing limone to some extravagant flavours you want to try just for fun of it. The services can be slow in peak season and long lines are not very unusual during summer months, but the wait is worth awhile. They are not loud that they are a vegan place. Majority of the customers dot even realize it, the gelatos are so good that you just can’t tell the difference. Beside being vegan, you can even get sugar free puppy cup for your four legged friend. If you have traveled through Europe and if you have developed the taste for best ice cream there is, La Dolce Vita is you best and cheapest ticket to Italy, Switzerland or France in the taste sense off-course. If you love ice cream and you are close to Oakville or traveling trough Queen Elizabeth Parkway, this is the place to go.

Do you agree with our selections? What is you favourite ice cream place in Ontario?

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