Chinese spy Balloon over Canada, what are the reactions?

Officials have confirmed that the alleged Chinese spy balloon that is now over the United States crossed into Canadian territory, but the Department of National Defence emphasized that citizens are secure and that actions are being taken to protect the security of its airspace.

The social media went bananas over allegedly Chinese spy balloon flying over Canada and the USA. Every news outlet repeatedly announcing this BREAKING NEWS, but what are the official responses for this international incident?

Ottawa and Washington voiced their dissatisfaction of a high-altitude surveillance balloon seen floating over the United States, and Canada revealed that it had called China’s ambassador to the carpet but otherwise kept quiet.
Cong Peiwu, the Chinese ambassador, was summoned by Global Affairs Canada authorities on Thursday after the Pentagon disclosed the balloon’s position over vital military sites in the western United States.
Global Affairs Canada officials called the Chinese ambassador to Canada, according to a statement from GAC spokesperson Charlotte MacLeod on Friday. Through a variety of means, “We will keep vehemently expressing our viewpoint to Chinese officials.”

American officials also disclosed that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had postponed a crucial weekend diplomatic visit to China, even as the Biden administration debated a more comprehensive response to the balloon’s findings.

Many theories appear on Twitter

From second spy balloon to multiple spy balloons all over US.

Social media Meme frenzy

What would social media be without memes? Well, even in the case of Chinese balloon over US and Canada, many users have created some hilarious jokes about it.

“Take that you bad balloon”

“everything is under control, we got this”

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China, which frequently shoots down American spy planes and vehemently objects to American and other countries spying on territories it claims as its own, reacted fairly subdued to the Pentagon’s revelation.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement that was largely conciliatory, claiming that the balloon was a civilian airship used primarily for meteorological research. According to the ministry, the airship’s weak “self-steering” abilities caused it to “deviate far from its planned course.”
According to the statement, which used the legal term “force majeure” to describe circumstances beyond one’s control, “the Chinese side regrets the accidental entry of the airship into U.S. airspace due to force majeure.”

Whatever the balloon might be or do, we shall know in the near future…… OR NOT!

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