Another Car Theft Bust in Ontario 6 People Arrested

Peel Regional Police broke up a car theft ring and recovered over $2 million worth of stolen automobiles in the process. Six persons are now facing a number of offences.

Toronto Sun just broke the news about new car theft ring that has been busted by Peel Regional Police. Six people, Gajan Karunanithy, 32, of Brampton, Robert Ramnarine, 27, and Oneil Ricketts, 36, both of Toronto, were charged with uttering forged documents. Riaz Mohammed, 23, of Brampton, Van George Snjagly, 29, and Hapishan Sivasegaran, 25, both of Mississauga, were charged with possession of stolen vehicles.

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Theft of vehicles increased significantly throughout many regions last year, according to the insurance industry’s Équité Association. In a research, the non-profit organization that works to stop insurance fraud and crime claimed that for the first time ever, vehicle theft claims cost the Canadian insurance sector more than one billion dollars in 2022. In Quebec, vehicle theft increased by 50% over the previous year, while it increased by 48.3% in Ontario, 34.5% in Atlantic Canada, and 18.3% in Alberta.

According to the association, vehicles are frequently either exported or “re-vinned,” which refers to changing the vehicle identification number. The association also noted that stolen vehicles have large profit margins while re-vinned vehicles have a domestic market due to supply chain concerns.

Canadian stolen cars can be found all over the world!

Car theft in Ontario has become so severe that vehicle owners need to undergo some drastic changes in order to prevent theft from stealing their property.

In an effort to combat auto theft, which the government claims has climbed 14% in the past year alone, Ontario will invest staggering $51 million over the course of three years. The actions, according to Solicitor General Michael Kerzner, are intended to break up organized crime gangs and bring perpetrators to justice.The Ontario Provincial Police will use a portion of the funds to form an organized crime and auto theft team.

Probably a good move by the government to finally eradicate or lower car theft in Ontario, yet where is this money going to come from? Yes, tax payers!

According to Kerzner, the new team would seek out and dismantle organized crime networks that are involved in auto theft.

The government also claims to be assembling a sizable auto theft prosecution team to give the OPP specialized legal and prosecution support when litigating complicated cases.

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Following the latest investigation by Peel Region Police, six people were detained on a total of 42 offences, and 22 vehicles, many of them high-end cars with a combined worth of $1.95 million, were also retrieved. A Honda CRV, a Cadillac SRX, five Dodge Rams, two Porsches, and twelve Land Rovers were among them.

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