US President Joe Biden in Canada, what is the purpose of the visit?

On Thursday evening, U.S. president Joe Biden is scheduled to arrive in Ottawa for his first official trip since taking office in 2020. A new US president’s first overseas trip is often to Canada, but Biden’s travel has been postponed in part because of COVID-19. He’ll remain in Ottawa through Friday.

US White House

Tonight, Gov. Gen. Mary Simon, the King’s representative in Canada, will meet with Biden to kick off his two-day trip.

Biden’s Friday speech to Parliament, a series of talks with Justin Trudeau and other top Canadian officials, and what the White House is calling a “intimate gathering” at Trudeau’s mansion are all additional events that are scheduled. Also, there will be a “pull aside” with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre at some point.

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George W. Bush visited Canada in 2004 and stayed the night, making him the most recent American president to do so.

Compared to Bush’s visit, which took place only a few months after the United States invaded Iraq, Biden’s itinerary is very different. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the deteriorating situation in Haiti, the state of Canada’s military in light of growing international threats, the Safe Third Country Agreement, and the flow of migrants through Quebec’s Roxham Road border will all be topics of discussion between the two leaders.

Canadian and US flag

On Thursday and Friday, there will likely be considerable interruptions, according to Ottawa police, who also advised that there may be sudden changes to the road closures. Locals should be prepared to see fighter planes and other military aircraft flying overhead throughout the visit, according to the Canadian Armed Forces. U.S. flags were hung outside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office and the main thoroughfare in front of Parliament Hill on Wednesday, and approximately 20 police cars circled the area. To get ready for the visit, workers were hard at work erecting barriers.

The event offers “an opportunity to remind people that Ottawa is the capital of Canada and that it is an amazing city and beautiful city,” Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe told reporters on Wednesday morning.

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Preparing Relationship on the agenda?

Despite the trip’s short duration, White House officials claim that the packed schedule highlights the significance of the relationship and the significant improvement over the rifts that existed under the administration of former President Donald Trump. Nonetheless, they acknowledge that there are a number of obstacles in the way of trade, immigration, and the economy. The two leaders and political allies are anticipated to tackle the opioid crisis, climate change, North American supply chains, vital minerals, and crucial defence cooperation, including initiatives to modernize the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Although no significant progress is anticipated, more challenging problems like the deteriorating situation in Haiti, immigration, and trade are anticipated to be on the agenda.

It’s also anticipated that the two leaders will talk about Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Biden’s ally in giving the nation with military and financial support during the Moscow assault was Trudeau, the G7 leader with the longest tenure.

The visit of US president Joe Biden to Canada happens just days after Chinese president Xi Jinping visits Vladimir Putin in Moscow where they referred to each other as dear friends, promised economic cooperation and described their countries’ relations as the best they have ever been.

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