Canada can expect a hot hot summer this year

The Farmer’s Almanac’s long-range forecast indicates that Canada may have another scorching season following a record-breaking hot summer in 2022.

hot summer

According to the forecast, most of Canada will experience warm summer, from the end of June to the beginning of September, with some temperatures expected to exceed 32 C. The Farmers’ Almanac forecasts that much of the nation will enjoy hotter-than-normal weather this summer, however it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when different sections of Canada will fully change over from spring-like to scorching temperatures.

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While Quebec is predicted to see scorching temperatures and drier than average conditions, the Prairies may have “broiling” temperatures with above-average precipitation. According to the Almanac, temperatures in Ontario are anticipated to be more humid and wet while those in British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces are probably going to be dry but typically seasonal. The Farmer’s Almanac also predicts that rainfall will be above average across the Prairies, Rockies, and Great Lakes of Central Canada. A portion of Quebec and the Maritimes may see precipitation that is below average.

Canadian Summer

Did you get your swim suit ready yet?

Although The Farmers’ Almanac predicts weather 16 months in advance using a secret and enigmatic “formula,” ardent meteorologists may disagree that it is the most reliable source for predictions.

Even though the Farmer’s Almanac may not be the accurate weather prediction, Canadians certainly look forward to a hot summer after long cold and snowy winter. So get your swim suits and pleasure crafts ready, because summer is just around the corner, well, spring is, but summer will be here soon too.

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