People in Shock after Driver plows down Mississauga Highway in Wrong Direction

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is searching for the driver of a car seen speeding down a Mississauga highway while going the wrong way, and social media commenters are practically spitting out their coffee in rage over this most recent example of reckless driving.

The OPP Highway Safety Division released the startling video of a driver who was going the wrong way on Highway 403 at Hurontario Street and came dangerously close to hitting a number of other vehicles.

Mississauga terrible drivers

A dark pickup truck can be seen slamming on the brakes to avoid the approaching black Chevrolet sedan in dashcam footage of the incident.

Police describe the driver as an elderly woman with dark hair, and at least one witness on Twitter has confirmed this description.

Some people blamed the system for allowing bad drivers to acquire a drivers license.

Others believe drivers doctor should be blamed for allowing the driver to still drive.

Traffic Related Offences in Peel Region

Traffic offences are rising in the Region of Peel. Statistical data from Peel Regional Police indicates that Highway Traffic Act charges have increased from 2020 to 2021 as well as motor vehicle collisions. As Peel Region constantly grows so will obviously the traffic related charges and traffic accidents will rise, but many ask, is the Drive Test Ontario doing enough to reduce the number of bad driving habits? As the new incidence in Mississauga shows, drivers miss to interpret traffic signs and therefor endanger them selves and other drivers.

Many of us who drive work or pleasure related on GTA highways notice continues dangerous driving habits, and lack of driving skills.

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