Is ChatGBT revolutionizing the internet experience?

While internet is “old news” and almost everyone is using it on daily basis to work, learn and finding useful information, a new hype has reached far sides of the World! ChatGBT! ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot launched in November 2022 by San Francisco-based OpenAI.

Natural language processing tasks such as text generation and language translation can be performed by the chatbot. It can also generate human-like text responses and interact with you in a “conversational manner.” ChatGPT has gained a lot of attention for its detailed responses across many areas of knowledge, and it is frequently unavailable for use due to its high demand.

artificial intelligence chatgpt

As many of you, we were curious to find out what ChatGPT is all about and we have asked it to answer us couple of questions.

Here are the questions answered by chatGPT:

  1. What is the best restaurant in Toronto
ChatGPT question

2. Where is the best coffee shop in Vancouver?

Vancouver coffre shops according the chat GPT

3. Where to buy a house in Canada?

The dialogue format allows the chatbot to respond to follow-up questions, admit its own mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and even reject inappropriate requests. I had previously asked ChatGPT to name some of the best things in Toronto, Vancouver and the entire Canada this time I decided to switch gears and get some more advice from other reliable sources.

ChatGPT only has access to information through 2021, so advice it provides may not be fully reflective of current and ongoing market trends. Simply put, this technology (and many others like it) is a “language machine” that uses statistics, reinforcement learning, and supervised learning to index words, phrases, and sentences. While it lacks true “intelligence” (it doesn’t know what a word “means,” but it knows how to use it), it can answer questions, write articles, summarise information, and do other things very well. While this isn’t a novel concept (we’ve had chatbots for over a decade, including Siri, Alexa, Olivia, and others), the level of performance in GPT-3.5 (the most recent version) is astounding. I’ve asked it questions like “what are the best practises for recruiting” and “how do you build a corporate training programme,” and it’s given me good answers. Yes, the answers were quite basic and somewhat incorrect, but with practise, they will undoubtedly improve.

ChatGPT Isn’t Always Right

It struggles with basic math, can’t seem to answer simple logic questions, and will even argue completely false facts. As social media users can attest, ChatGPT can make mistakes on multiple occasions. OpenAI is aware of this limitation, writing, “ChatGPT occasionally writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers.” This “hallucination” of fact and fiction, as some scientists refer to it, is particularly dangerous when it comes to medical advice.

In other words, ChatGPT arrives at an answer through a series of guesses, which is why it can argue incorrect answers as if they were completely true.

While it is excellent at explaining complex concepts, making it a valuable learning tool, it is important not to believe everything it says. ChatGPT is not always accurate—at least not yet. ChatGPT was trained on the collective writing of humans throughout history and in the present. This means that the same biases found in the data can also be found in the model. That means a stronger narrative found in the internet will prevail regardless if that narrative is true or false.

ChatGBT Is a new tool many will continue using

Regardless of the biases and someones point of view, ChatGBT will change the way we use the internet. More tools will be added and new AI will be presented to the public in upcoming years for sure, which means more smart tools for humans, more productivity making many things more affordable and accessible. But does more smart technology means more smart humans or just the opposite? Well that would be a topic on it’s own.

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