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The construction process is messy. When the last construction crew leaves the site, someone has to get rid of all the dirt, dust and potentially hazardous waste left behind. If you’re a busy general contractor, real estate agent or property manager, you might want to call in a professional to do that work. Contrary to popular belief, construction-site cleanup is often not a part of a regular contractor’s job description. A contractor picks up his tools and equipment after finishing a job and he moves on to the new project, leaving all big or small mess behind. This remaining mess is usually taken care of by professional construction clean-up crew. From carting away debris to making surfaces sparkle, their job is to make sure space is sanitary and safe.

Construction waste removal
Post construction cleaning

There are many stages of construction clean-up. You can hire construction clean-up crew for just one stage or a complete package, move in ready.

First stage of construction or post construction clean-up is to remove ig chunks of remaining material on the job site, like plaster boards, wood, carpet or any debris that might still be there.

Second stage would take care of dust and smaller debris like wood chips, plaster or paint remains on the floor, ducts, windows.

And final clean-up stage would take care of vacuuming, floor scrubbing, polishing, window cleaning and all the small details that are important to to before the tenants or property owners move in.

Post construction cleaning Toronto
Floor scrubbing in Toronto

All those stages of construction and post construction clean-up is taken care of by Como Maintenance Services, East Gwillimbury based construction cleaning contractor. The crew is top choice for any size of the constructions projects, from small single home clean up to major building and commercial distribution centres across the Greater Toronto Area. While many cleaning contractors offer just one type of cleaning, Como Maintenance Services offer wide range of specialized cleaning processes for each individual purpose. From big construction debris removal, vacuuming, power sweeping, floor scrubbing to final cleaning and pressure washing services in Toronto. Top service provider with all needed services under one roof!

Power washing services in the GTA
Pressure washing services in Toronto and surrounding areas

All one project manager or general contractor needs to do is to let Como Maintenance Crew know what are the job expectations and it will be done! Done right the very first time, no hassle, no repeat visits, no stress. Long years of experience in industrial and commercial establishments have led Como Maintenance Management to take a better approach when dealing with clients, job sites and cleaning crew. Every client and every job is treated with the highest respect and professionalism. From appearance of the crew, high tech company equipment, conduct, to job execution, Como Maintenance Services is a tremendous step up from ordinary.

When it comes to Property Maintenance Services in the GTA, think of Como Maintenance Services.

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Pressure washing services in Toronto

You can reach Como Maintenance Crew at:

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