Importance of Fall Clean-Up

Fall lawn and garden clean-up is something many homeowners do in preparation for the long winter ahead, explains Arman, a licensed contractor and owner at Como maintenance Services. Propper fall clean up must be done in order to keep your lawn safe from unwanted pests and prepare it for a lush beginning come next spring. Ahead, why a little autumnal yard maintenance is a must for your garden and lawn’s longevity, according to Arman, the tasks to complete when the weather starts to cool. 

Cleaning yard in the fall
Fall clean up

A head start is the best way. 

As soon as the first leaves turn yellow and start to drop on your lawn, it is the sign for action. You should begin your clean-up at the start of the fall. By getting started sooner, you can avoid cold weather, unwanted stains and avoid having to squeeze this project into the already-busy holiday season. 

Remove dead leaves and yellow lawn. 

First project milestone should be: De-thatch your lawn and remove all of the dead leaves and grass blocking the soil. Like dead skin can irritate new and healthy skin, making it to break out, causing rash or acne, a similar approach should be done when treating lawn. Take a soft rake and remove the unwanted debris, use leaf blower if necessary. Failing to remove leaves and dead grass can and most likely will undermine hard work and money you invested during spring and summer. Leaves will cause lawn to stop from growing on affected areas, creating perfect nesting place or channel creation when the snow falls for mice and other pests. Dead lawn will prevent healthy lawn to breathe properly, making it prone to algae and moose buildup. 

Clean your garden beds. 

You should also take the opportunity to remove any fallen leaves from the rest of your garden. Some professionals recommend adding fallen leaves around any plants that need protection, but that approach can cause another unwanted clean up during springtime. If your plants need protection, use mulch, cut back varieties that could be wind-whipped during winter and possibly use fabric made for winterizing.

Clean brick and concrete surfaces. 

Lawn and garden is not the only property surface that needs cleaning and taken into account. Brick, stone and concrete should get the best treatment as well. Falling leaves or any other organic material will create harsh stains if not removed in time, leaving you with a need of high-cost chemical cleaning next spring. Here you can use a simple leaf blower to remove any debris. Repeat the process as often as needed because leaves will keep falling and coming over from your neighbour’s property, sadly. 

Pressure washing concrete
Removing Algae from Surfaces

Proper maintenance does matters. 

Failing to maintain your lawn, garden beds or paved surfaces will create more work down the road, making a big mess that you will have to deal with at the start of the next growing season, as well it can create costly damages. Every $10 invested into proper maintenance is worth $100 in repairs. Hiring professionals to do the job for you. Many homeowners have simply not enough time or will to maintain their property every season, and that is perfectly fine. Busy lifestyle we all live in sometimes prohibits us to spend more time on cleaning and maintaining our lawn or garden. Not having enough time should not burden you, you can still have an breathtakingly beautiful yard. Como Maintenance Services can take care of your outdoors all year around. Simply call or text them and they will explain all the possibilities in a friendly and respectful manner. Don’t miss on your fall clean-up this year.

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