Now even Province of Ontario is burning

The Township of Greater Madawaska in eastern Ontario needed to be partially evacuated because of forest fire that started Sunday afternoon. People with homes around Centennial Lake have been asked to leave because it was not safe to stay due to the raging fire. Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry saids, the fire broke out shortly after 5:50 p.m. Sunday on the lake’s south shore and spans 45 to 50 hectares.

Wild fire

Nearby Townships as well as water bombers and helicopters are helping in order to control the fire. It is not known yet what started the fire. Weeks of dry weather helped fire to spread rapidly.The present outlook for the upcoming several months shows the possibility of continuing higher-than-normal fire activity, according to Canada’s emergency preparation minister. Images of wildfires blazing throughout the nation are some of the most destructive ever seen in Canada.

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The county of Renfrew is under a provincial fire prohibition. On Ontario’s four-level scale, it has the greatest level of fire danger, along with all neighbouring counties save Ottawa. Ottawa has its own ban even though it is not located in one of these Ontario fire areas. Some parks and woods in Quebec have limited access.

Two days after the fire started at Centennial Lake, GTA and Southern Ontario is under smoke and smog advisory. Thick smog is everywhere, residents go Southern Ontario woke up to a burned pine smell.

As forest fire is now raging close to Ottawa, there is no rain predicted any time soon. 50% chance of rain. for the upcoming weekend is predicted, which means it could be just another week with our much needed rain.

A record-breaking early wildfire season has burnt now over 3 million hectares in Canada.

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