Importance of Fall Clean-Up

There are many wise tips property routine maintenance professionals can give to home or business owners. One of very important ones is definitely Fall and Spring clean-up.

Dead Leafs
Dead Leaves on the Ground

Dead leaves left on your lawn over period of time will start to rot, potentially ruining beautiful lawn. Many property owners will be left with a rude awakening when things thaw in the spring if this simple maintenance schedule is not followed.

Lawn Damaged in front of a property
Damaged Lawn

Cleaning Your Property the Right Way

Raking leaves, dethatching lawn, pruning trees and shrubs will make your life much easier during spring time, and your wallet will thank you for that. It can be overwhelming to remove all the dirt, fallen leaves, branches and dead grass, not to mention removing algae and stains from concrete or interlocking surfaces. Many home owners have simply not enough time to keep their property well maintained, and that is OK. Busy lifestyle and prioritizing more valuable tasks is everyones part of daily routine. Smart move is to acquire knowledge on this important subject in order to make the most economical decision.

Many property maintenance professionals offer wide range of yard clean up services, free advice and free estimates. Many can work out a routine schedule or a one time spring and fall clean up for you, recommend best treatment for your specific needs and point you at least into the right direction.

Important Fall Clean-Up Tips

  • Remove dead leaves from your property
  • dethatch your lawn
  • prune trees and shrubs
  • add mulch to your flower bad
  • Pressure wash concrete and stone surfaces
  • But your lawn shorter than usual
  • protect trees and shrubs from snow and wind

While it seems like just another thing to add to your home budget list, regular home maintenance is definitely worth your time and investment. 

While some repairs are inevitable as a homeowner, staying caught up on monthly tasks around the house can prevent major damages and save you money in the long run. Routine Home Maintenance is a crucial aspect for the health, appearance and value of your property.

Well maintained property

Your property can be the hit of your neighbourhood with very little investment! Investment into know-how! This know-how will be provided to you by your trusted property maintenance contractor with very little effort and even with a small budgets. Calculate all the money you have spend on property outdoor tasks each year, call a local property maintenance company and compare their prices, outcome with what you could achieve so far. You will be richer with knowledge acquired and you can base your decision on facts.

A beautiful property is not an accident, it is the outcome of dedication and right decisions.

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